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Avoid These 4 Mistakes During your Invisalign Treatment

March 14, 2022

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Woman holding aligner during Invisalign treatment in Torrington

Invisalign treatment in Torrington is a highly effective way to straighten teeth. It is also convenient and discreet. However, it will not work unless you follow some basic rules. Missteps could slow down your treatment or even derail it altogether. This blog post discusses some mistakes you must avoid if you want your time with Invisalign to be as easy, successful, and stress-free as possible.

Eating and Drinking with Your Aligners in Your Mouth

Invisalign aligners are durable, but they are not designed to withstand the force exerted by your teeth while you are chewing. Plus, in addition to becoming damaged, they may accumulate food particles and bacteria if you eat while wearing them.

Drinking anything except plain water with your aligners in your mouth is also not a good idea. Pigmented beverages may stain the plastic, while hot drinks like coffee and tea could easily warp them. Consuming sugary liquids, such as juice and flavored lattes, could allow sugar to get trapped beneath the aligners and increase your risk of tooth decay.

Not Keeping Up with Oral Hygiene

You should brush and floss your teeth after every meal, before you place your aligners back in your mouth. At first, this may be a challenging adjustment. However, it is important because you do not want food particles and bacteria to get trapped in your Invisalign. Not only could this lead to issues like bad breath and stained aligners, but it could also endanger your oral health.

Not Wearing Your Aligners Enough

Invisalign patients should wear their aligners for 20 – 22 hours each day (the closer to 22 hours, the better). Complying with this rule ensures that the aligners are able to apply the consistent pressure that is needed to move the teeth. Failure to wear the aligners for an adequate length of time could slow down your treatment. Plus, if you switch to a new aligner without having worn the previous one enough, the transition may be much more uncomfortable than you anticipated.

Leaving Your Aligners in the Open

Some patients wrap their Invisalign in a napkin while they eat; doing so runs the risk that the aligners might get thrown away with the trash after the meal. Others may set their aligners on the edge of a table or counter for various reasons; they could easily fall to the floor and get stepped on or stolen by a curious pet. Whenever you are not wearing your aligners, they should either be in your hand (for cleaning purposes) or stored in a designated case.

You will have to adjust some of your habits when you embark on your journey with clear aligners. However, your efforts to comply with basic Invisalign dos and don’ts in Torrington will help you to enjoy a successful, easy treatment.

Meet the Practice 

Torrington Dental Care is home to a talented team of professionals, including an on-staff orthodontist. Our practice is proud to offer both Invisalign and traditional orthodontic treatment. To learn more about what you can expect while you are straightening your teeth, contact our office at 860-259-4073.

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