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Veneers – Torrington, CT

Make Smile Flaws Disappear

Team member pointing to veneer

Veneers in Torrington are an excellent way to get the smile you have always wanted! They can turn worn, misshapen, broken, and discolored teeth into a beautiful, natural-looking smile. In fact, many of the makeovers you may have seen on television utilize veneers to create stunning new smiles. Read on below to learn more about this transformative cosmetic treatment, and give us a call when you are ready to schedule your consultation.

Why Choose Torrington Dental Care for Veneers?

What Are Dental Veneers?

Patient's smile compared with tooth color chart

Veneers are thin strips of porcelain that our team can custom-design to complement your natural tooth shape and color as well as your overall appearance. Once they are attached to the teeth, they can disguise a wide range of aesthetic imperfections, including:

Veneers are a popular treatment because, not only do they offer remarkable initial results, but they are also durable enough to last for 15 years or longer. Plus, because they are made out of high-quality porcelain, they are incredibly resistant to stains.

The Process of Getting Veneers

Dental patient using mirror to admire her new veneers

The veneers process starts when you attend a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Torrington. Our team will learn about your oral health and ask you if you have any specific goals for treatment. If you have photos of smiles that inspired your decision to seek cosmetic care, be sure to bring them in so you can show us.

Once treatment gets underway, we will prepare your teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel. Next, we will take impressions of your teeth and use those to design your veneers. You will wear temporary veneers to protect your teeth while a laboratory creates your permanent ones. When your permanent ones are ready, we will verify that they meet our expectations before we bond them onto your teeth.

The Benefits of Veneers

Smiling professional woman, enjoying the benefits of veneers

Some of the top benefits of veneers include:

Veneers FAQs

Illustration of two veneers being placed on front teeth

Veneers in Torrington have the potential to transform your smile. Our team is ready to help you take advantage of this remarkable cosmetic treatment. Before you schedule your consultation, however, you may want to know more about the road ahead. To help you out, we have put together a brief list of some frequently asked questions about this treatment. Feel free to give us a call if you do not see your specific concerns addressed here. We look forward to speaking with you!

Are Veneers Permanent?

During the preparation phase of veneers treatment, your cosmetic dentist in Torrington must remove a sliver of enamel from your teeth. The enamel will not grow back on its own, and without it, your teeth may be extra sensitive to stimuli like hot and cold temperatures. For this reason, they will always need veneers or another type of restoration to protect them. Hence, even though a set of veneers will not last forever (they usually last 15 years or longer), they are considered to be a permanent treatment.

Do not let the permanent nature of veneers make you shy away from them. The vast majority of people who undergo this treatment have no regrets about their decision.

Is There Anything I Cannot Eat with Veneers?

Once you get your permanent veneers, you should be able to enjoy virtually any food in moderation, though it would be wise to limit your intake of hard items, as well as those that are highly pigmented.

Before your permanent veneers are in place, you will wear temporary ones for a while. Because they are somewhat more delicate than their permanent counterparts, you should avoid dark foods and beverages, as well as anything hard or crunchy that might cause them to break. Also, keep in mind that sticky foods might pull the temporary veneers off your teeth.

Can Veneers Be Used for Bite Corrections?

Since veneers do not actually move the teeth, they cannot correct bite problems. If you have a significant malocclusion, you may need to undergo orthodontic treatment before you get veneers.

With that being said, veneers do have the potential to disguise some bite issues. For example, if you have an open bite, veneers can make your teeth appear longer, closing the gap between the upper and lower portions of your smile.

How Many Veneers Will I Need?

Exactly how many veneers you will need depends on your goals for treatment. If you just have one or two teeth whose appearance bothers you, you may need just one or two veneers. Conversely, if you want to completely transform your smile, you may need as many as 6 – 8 veneers. Some patients even get 10 – 12 veneers to cover all of the teeth that are visible when they smile. During your consultation, we will help you determine how many veneers you may need to achieve your aesthetic objectives.

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