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Smile Makeover – Torrington, CT

Revitalize Your Smile and Confidence

If you do not like the smile you see in the mirror, know that you do not have to continue hiding it behind pursed lips or a self-conscious hand. You can completely transform the appearance of your teeth to look younger, healthier, and more confident. Ask us about our smile makeover service. It has the potential to revitalize your smile your confidence. You may be only an appointment or two away from a life-changing makeover. Ask us about our cosmetic services in Torrington today!

Why Choose Torrington Dental Care for a Smile Makeover? 

Personalized for Every Patient

Eliminate Aesthetic Flaws & Fix Damaged Teeth

Highly Skilled & Experienced Team

How Does a Smile Makeover Work? 

Woman with gorgeous smile

A smile makeover is a customized treatment plan that is designed to dramatically improve the appearance of the teeth, and it typically consists of more than one procedure working together. For example, if a patient would like to whiten their teeth and close obvious gaps, a combination of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers would be used. Or, if someone wanted to straighten their crooked teeth and fix a few minor chips, crowns and Invisalign® might be recommended. Whatever your particular goals might be, our team can help you put together the perfect plan to turn your dream smile into a reality.

The process starts with a consultation, wherein we will examine your teeth and learn about your goals. We can even use digital photography to give you a preview of your results. Once we get to work on your smile, it might be just a few appointments before you notice significant improvements in the appearance of your teeth.

The Benefits of Getting a Smile Makeover

Portrait of confident, smiling woman with beautiful teeth

After you get a smile makeover, you may experience a number of noteworthy benefits, including:

Understanding the Cost of a Smile Makeover

Smiling, happy woman holding cash

A smile makeover is a highly customized service, so its price varies greatly from patient to patient. During your consultation, we will discuss some specific numbers with you, and we can make adjustments to your treatment plan according to your budget. Insurance usually does not cover aesthetic services, but it may cover treatments with oral health benefits, such as metal-free restorations. You may also be eligible for low-interest financing if you would like to break up the cost of your treatment into monthly installments.

Although a smile makeover can seem expensive, it provides an excellent value. It has the potential to give you many years of improved oral health and heightened confidence!

Smile Makeover FAQs

Attractive woman with beautiful teeth

The talented team at Torrington Dental Care is eager to help you achieve your aesthetic goals for your teeth through our smile makeover service. Before you come in for a consultation, however, you may be curious about what you can expect from the treatment experience. To assist you, we have compiled answers to some common questions about smile makeovers. If you do not see the specific information you were looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly.

How Many Treatments Can You Include in a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can include as many treatments as are necessary for you to achieve your desired look. For some patients, that may mean that they undergo two or three treatments, such as teeth whitening combined with veneers. Other patients might need more extensive care, including orthodontia, metal-free crowns, whitening, and more.

During your consultation, we will recommend the unique combination of treatments that we believe would be best suited to your circumstances.

How Long Is a Smile Makeover?

How long a smile makeover takes can vary. Some procedures, such as dental bonding, can be completed in just a single appointment. Other services, like veneers, require at least two or three appointments spread out over a few weeks. Invisalign may take a year or longer to complete.

When possible, we will strive to perform multiple treatments concurrently so you can have the most efficient experience possible.

Is a Smile Makeover Safe?

Cosmetic dental services, including those that are commonly part of a smile makeover, are generally considered to be quite safe. Particularly when treatments are carried out by a qualified dental team, there is very little risk that anything bad will happen.

Plus, we will thoroughly consider all relevant circumstances before we start a treatment. For example, we will make sure you are free of untreated decay before you undergo teeth whitening or get veneers. This diligent pre-screening ensures that your oral health is sufficient for you to qualify for cosmetic procedures.

Does a Smile Makeover Hurt?

We want our patients to be comfortable, and we take measures toward that end. For example, we numb the mouth when we are preparing a patient’s teeth for veneers or restorations. If your teeth are sensitive, we take that into consideration when preparing your teeth whitening kit.

Some cosmetic treatments are quite comfortable by nature. For example, dental bonding is quite simple and usually does not require any local anesthetic.

If you notice any soreness or sensitivity after a cosmetic procedure, such symptoms may disappear within a few days. If severe discomfort occurs, be sure to let us know.

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